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Supply chain & procurementcheveron-right

Procurement and supply chain decisions are when small actions can have major consequences.

Not just financially, although minor cost reductions can quickly make a significant impact, but selecting an unreliable or risky supplier can lead to business interruption or adversely affect a company’s reputation. When you are overseeing supply chains and supplier relationships that span continents, in places where information can be thin on the ground – Diligencia can help.

Supplier screening

Our verified legal entity data in the Middle East and Africa allows you to confirm your supplier’s registered details and then screen for sanctions, PEPs and adverse media – all available via

Supplier credit risk

Building on our corporate data we can compile credit reports on entities based on your supplier’s financial health, track record and relationships with other entities in the region

Supplier sustainability and ESG assessments

We can provide a deeper level of analysis to include a supplier’s ethical profile and performance against environmental, social and governance benchmarks

Supplier monitoring

Select your suppliers from our database and the frequency of updates, and we will monitor for events and changes to fulfil your ongoing supplier monitoring