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Prompt, responsive and reliable. The qualities you like to embody when engaging with your clients are the same ones you look for in your choice of partners.

With business intelligence casework in the Middle East and Africa, the challenge is to find a competitive edge while managing clients’ expectations of what is possible in a region that can be quite opaque. In all cases the quality of the foundation data and sources you use is paramount – this is where Diligencia can help. Whether it is retrieving the corporate filings information of an entity, verifying the details of a historical court case or identifying assets, we provide the reliable and accurate information that allows you to focus on analysis and case management.

Official record retrieval

We support our clients by retrieving corporate filings information, court records and official announcements. Delivered via our legal entity data gives your casework the foundation for subsequent research and lines of enquiry

Local language research

We have the knowledge and language capabilities to assist you with researching local press, online sources and social media channels

Source enquiries

An integral part of many due diligence and business intelligence cases, we regularly interview and gather commentary from a network of sources in the jurisdictions we cover in support of our clients’ casework

Asset tracing

Combining our expertise in retrieving information from official sources and the strength of our human source network, we can assist with identifying assets in support of debt recovery or disputes cases