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The role of governments and their related agencies in promoting and monitoring cross-border trade is such that reliable, external data sources are key.

This extends both to identifying bilateral investment opportunities for the private sector, as well as then ensuring that transactions are completed legally, on a level playing field, and with appropriate tariffs and taxes due.

Diligencia’s mission to provide clarity as the bedrock of growth means that our purpose is often entirely convergent with that of our host governments and the economies we serve. In the same way, we also support not-for-profit groups, NGOs and international media outlets to highlight factual data and information that promotes free and fair trade.

Trade organisations

We work with trade bodies and agencies to identify investment opportunities, and then to provide investors with the assurance they need when entering new markets

Law enforcement

Our verified legal entity data is used by government agencies to enforce sanctions legislation, to tackle financial crime and tax evasion, and to advance strategic national priorities

NGOs and campaign groups

We regularly support non-partisan NGOs and other not-for-profit groups with their research on issues ranging from transnational crime to proliferation networks


Our research has been instrumental in a number of investigative global news stories. Our commentary and perspectives have recently featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and MEED