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Today’s multinationals are likely to have concurrent operations in several emerging markets, supply chains spanning continents, and alliances in multiple jurisdictions.

Key challenges include managing the regulatory and reputational risks that inevitably come from working with third parties, ensuring consistent standards of compliance across different teams, whilst at the same time identifying and harnessing the opportunities that arise in growth markets.

Having access to reliable and accurate information is essential for conducting due diligence investigations, managing risk and maximising opportunity.

Third party screening and monitoring

Our database of verified legal entity data on allows you to screen and monitor key customers and suppliers, distributors and franchise partners

Enhanced due diligence

Building on our corporate data, we can provide a deeper level of analysis on your counterparty. Our enhanced due diligence (EDD) reports are available at different levels, and can be tailored to your requirements

Market entry consulting

We can help support the planning process for entering a new market by providing information on the regulatory landscape, identifying potential partners, and benchmarking competitors

Business intelligence and investigative research

Diligencia regularly supports in-house business intelligence and investigations teams with the research they need to complete their casework