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Blogs 16 November 2017

Sporting passions in MENA – Motorsport

We explore the links between the world of international sport and the MENA region.

News 21 September 2017

Announcing the launch of

I am delighted to announce the launch of – a new online portal bringing our community access to Diligencia’s accurate and reliable company information for the Middle East & North Africa region.

Blogs 11 September 2017

Private family offices: the role of the investment committee

For those looking to engage with family offices, prior research into the composition of the investment committee, the backgrounds of the various personalities involved, along with their collective investment preferences and strategy, is vital.

News 29 August 2017

Diligencia’s partners with Arachnys

We are pleased to announce that’s proprietary MENA company information is now available to Arachnys customers via its Investigator and D3 platforms.

Blogs 24 August 2017

The Independent’s Saudi investor

Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel has acquired 30 per cent of Independent Digital News and Media, owner of the Independent digital newspaper.

News 07 August 2017

Announcement of our partnership with LexisNexis

We are delighted to announce that Diligencia has entered into a content agreement with LexisNexis, a leading provider of content and technology solutions.

Blogs 24 March 2017

COMPANIES IN THE NEWS: Mohammed Al Abbar, and Adeptio

Amazon’s announcement this week that it has agreed to acquire for an estimated USD650m sets the scene for a battle between the global online retail giant and a soon-to-launch regional competitor in the shape of

Blogs 24 January 2017


One of the most prolific outbound UAE investors, UAE Exchange Center is now part of the same network as Travelex, following the latter’s acquisition by well-known UAE entrepreneur BR Shetty at the end of 2016.

Blogs 19 January 2017

Who will stand to benefit from the lifting of sanctions on Sudan?

In one of Obama’s final acts in office, the US will adopt a new approach to Sudan – allowing more freedom of trade with American companies in return for a range of political and security cooperation measures by Khartoum.

Blogs 03 January 2017


In a much-needed boost to the Algerian economy, a joint venture was announced late last year between SPA Sovac Algerie and the Volkswagen Group to produce VW vehicles in Algeria.

Blogs 19 December 2016

Iran – sealing the deal

On Saturday the first concrete steps were taken to rehabilitate Iran in the global economy, when it was announced that many of the international sanctions had been lifted.

Blogs 15 December 2016

Avoiding the translation pitfalls

Whilst almost all international business affairs in MENA are conducted using names in their English form, official registration documentation tends, unsurprisingly, to use exclusively the Arabic or Farsi forms.

Blogs 28 November 2016

Tangier, Morocco and Diligencia – a growth story

Diligencia, along with many other international companies, are choosing Morocco – and cities like Tangier – as the place to grow their business.

Blogs 16 November 2016

Charitable foundations or conglomerates? – Iran’s bonyad system

Bonyads (charitable foundations) are at the centre of Iran’s informal social welfare system. The bonyad-e taavon-e sepah will be of specific interest to those looking to do business in Iran, as it is still an EU sanctioned entity.

Blogs 25 October 2016

The new UAE bankruptcy law – surprise announcement?

It was announced today that new UAE legislation on bankruptcy had been decreed into law.

Blogs 04 October 2016

What are Saham-e Edalat? A glimpse into the process of Iranian ‘cooperativisation’

The Justice Shares (saham-e edalat) scheme is one of the more mystifying examples of Iranian government bureaucracy.

Blogs 05 September 2016

Feast and famine: current investor sentiment towards Saudi Arabia

Institutional investors are salivating over Saudi Arabia’s first international debt sale, as reports over the weekend suggest a “clamour” of interest – reportedly prompting Riyadh to consider a whole series of such sales.

Blogs 01 June 2016

The 2015 UAE Commercial Companies Law – Clarified by Diligencia

We look at the new legislation and what it means for the business information landscape in the UAE.

Blogs 14 April 2016

The value of clarity – what have the Panama Papers taught us?

As the media hysteria around the so-called Panama Papers begins to subside, it is time to consider what this episode has taught us.

Blogs 06 November 2015

Gulf investments in West Africa

Though the Gulf states have traditionally channeled economic and political influence towards North African states, more recent investments are moving increasingly south of the Sahara with the UAE taking the lead.

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