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Blogs 14 January 2019

Silk City, Kuwait: a key staging post on the New Silk Road?

A recent flurry of meetings between officials from Kuwait and China has prompted speculation that Kuwait may be pivoting away from their alliance with the United States, and instead have opted to strengthen their allegiance to China.

Blogs 08 January 2019

Vulnerability in the supply chain

Businesses need complete visibility and transparency when on-boarding a new customer to add to their supply chain. Relying on information from new clients or suppliers is not fool-proof...

Blogs 03 January 2019

Who is behind Dubai Wonderland?

While scanning the news items of the day, I read about an impressive ‘$191m fund launched to finance Dubai Wonderland project’ and while part of me is delighted, I’m also left feeling sceptical.

Blogs 10 December 2018

Family offices – here today, gone tomorrow?

A startling statistic about the family wealth sector in the Gulf region, is that only 6% of family offices last more than two generations, however, they represent a predicted 10-year revenue generation of over $10 trillion.

Blogs 21 November 2018

Understanding the Family Offices of the GCC

No two family offices are the same, varying as they do by factors such as size, structure, outlook and investment strategies, among others. Here we look at key trends and what the future may look like for family offices in the Gulf.

Blogs 15 November 2018

Sub Saharan Africa | 2017 Fastest Growing SMEs

In our series, looking at the top performers across SSA, we go to the SME-segment of the market and recognise the fastest growing companies.

Blogs 13 November 2018

Sub Saharan Africa | 2017 Best Performing Companies

In anticipation of what 2018 will prove in the battle of the brands, we take a look at the best performers in 2017.

Blogs 12 November 2018

Sub Saharan Africa | What are the fastest growing e-commerce start-ups?

These 9 startups are making major strides in SSA; continuing to experience growth and success despite the odds stacked against them.

Blogs 25 October 2018

Sub Saharan Africa: Most Valuable Brands 2017

Here is the first of a series of rankings we thought you would find interesting: Most Valuable Brands in 2017.

Blogs 17 October 2018

“The sun rush” – Off-grid solar power companies in East and West Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the sunniest places in the world and solar power start-ups are increasingly taking advantage of the energy resource.

Blogs 13 October 2018

Out of currency devaluation comes….transparency?

Whilst the Iranian rial (IRR) has been hammered over recent weeks following the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the Iranian government has tried to reassure the public that it has no shortage of foreign currency.

Blogs 08 October 2018

Nigerian-Lebanese: West Africa’s Most Successful Diaspora

The Lebanese diaspora dominates diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy from hospitality to real estate as well as construction and manufacturing.

Blogs 27 June 2018

To be a (business) woman in Saudi Arabia

We use our own proprietary data to look at Saudi female individuals holding either a board seat or a significant share within companies.

Blogs 05 June 2018

A tough road ahead for European companies in Iran

With European companies scrambling to adjust to America’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, some major businesses have already declared that they are ready to exit Iran if they do not secure sanctions waivers from the US.

Blogs 29 May 2018

The case for consolidation within the UAE

Scale. Efficiencies. Strategic fit…some of the reasons often given for a merger, JV or other form of strategic partnership between companies.

Blogs 05 April 2018

It's the sources, stupid

We now include the sources of all our information (in English and local language) next to the respective data fields on

Blogs 28 March 2018

Diligencia 10 years on – Part 2

Nouri Bakkali shares his highlights of the last 10 years.

Blogs 26 March 2018

Diligencia 10 years on – Part 1

Nouri Bakkali looks back over the early days of Diligencia.

Blogs 07 March 2018

Blockchain and compliance

Everybody’s talking about blockchain. It’s the latest thing, and everyone wants a part of it – so much so that a company only needs to mention blockchain and its value immediately soars.

Blogs 19 January 2018

The Saudi corruption purge in 5 charts and tables

Using data from our proprietary online platform, we have generated five tables and charts which shine a light on the corporate profiles and connections of the highest profile detainees.

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