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News 05 September 2019

We’ve relaunched! has been providing best-in-class data in the Middle East and Africa since 2016. During that time, we have listened to our clients’ feedback and are proud to deliver a redesigned improved platform.

Blogs 22 August 2019

We are all storytellers

Patrick Lord read the excellent ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Hariri over the summer – a masterful sweep of human history, mixing anthropology, sociology and good old-fashioned storytelling. But his early section on collective belief systems in particular made him pause for thought...

Blogs 31 July 2019

Boom or bust? What is really going on with Egypt’s economy?

Despite the headwinds reflected in the external data points, not least geo-political events which could easily de-rail any progress, our internal evidence leads me to believe that Egypt is on the up.

Blogs 02 July 2019

The very model of a modern Arab diplomat: Prince Khaled bin Bandar bin Sultan

Following Prince Khaled’s appointment as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s eighth ambassador to the United Kingdom in April 2019, we take a closer look at his education, family and career so far.

Research 30 June 2019

SMEs in the UAE

Working in collaboration with MEED we were asked to mine our company information database,, to highlight key trends amongst SMEs in the UAE for the Gulf Capital SME Awards.

Research 25 June 2019

Mining companies in Africa

This report contains our selection of companies to watch from Africa’s mining sector, drawn from our wider portfolio of company profiles in the sector available via our online platform

Blogs 30 May 2019

Sheikh Khalid closes in on Newcastle United

The Abu Dhabi ruling family may be set to continue its love affair with the English Premier League, as reports suggest that Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan is in talks to acquire club side Newcastle United.

Blogs 07 May 2019

Home grown in the desert: agri-tech companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

The dry, sun-drenched deserts of the UAE and Saudi Arabia are not the obvious place to think of cultivating crops, yet restaurants and supermarkets in the region are increasingly stocking food that has been grown locally.

Blogs 30 March 2019

ClarifiedBy….Data Quality

Data quality has always been central to Diligencia’s mission – not just in the authenticity of the data and how it is sourced (from official sources only) but also in the way we then structure and curate our information.

Blogs 06 March 2019

MTN – More than a corruption and bribery accusation

Business and politics are seldom unconnected in emerging markets, particularly in strategic infrastructure sectors such as telecoms. So when relations between nation states ebb and flow, the fate of those countries’ commercial players often rise and fall in tandem.

Blogs 20 February 2019

Source of wealth indicators in the Middle East & North Africa

In our experience, a picture can be built of an individual’s source of wealth via a number of indicators including corporate interests, family relationships and patronage.

Blogs 07 February 2019

The Case for Clarity – the importance of verified company information

Of all the reams of content that has been written on best practice in compliance and due diligence, at Diligencia we believe that company data is best applied by following three steps: Identify, Verify, and Monitor.

Blogs 30 January 2019

The Dantatas, the Dangotes and a bid to transform Nigeria’s downstream oil industry

Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the founder of Dangote Group of Companies, has many business interests in Nigeria including his relationship with one of Nigeria’s longest established business dynasties, the Dantatas.

Blogs 22 January 2019

Mozambique: The new Seychelles?

According to the World Economic Forum, Mozambique is expected to be one of the 10 fastest growing destinations for leisure travel between 2016 and 2026.

Blogs 14 January 2019

Silk City, Kuwait: a key staging post on the New Silk Road?

A recent flurry of meetings between officials from Kuwait and China has prompted speculation that Kuwait may be pivoting away from their alliance with the United States, and instead have opted to strengthen their allegiance to China.

Blogs 08 January 2019

Vulnerability in the supply chain

Businesses need complete visibility and transparency when on-boarding a new customer to add to their supply chain. Relying on information from new clients or suppliers is not fool-proof...

Blogs 03 January 2019

Who is behind Dubai Wonderland?

While scanning the news items of the day, I read about an impressive ‘$191m fund launched to finance Dubai Wonderland project’ and while part of me is delighted, I’m also left feeling sceptical.

Blogs 10 December 2018

Family offices – here today, gone tomorrow?

A startling statistic about the family wealth sector in the Gulf region, is that only 6% of family offices last more than two generations, however, they represent a predicted 10-year revenue generation of over $10 trillion.

Blogs 21 November 2018

Understanding the Family Offices of the GCC

No two family offices are the same, varying as they do by factors such as size, structure, outlook and investment strategies, among others. Here we look at key trends and what the future may look like for family offices in the Gulf.

Blogs 15 November 2018

Sub Saharan Africa | 2017 Fastest Growing SMEs

In our series, looking at the top performers across SSA, we go to the SME-segment of the market and recognise the fastest growing companies.

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